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Learning About Counseling Techniques For Families

Dos And Don'ts When Selecting Your Homecoming Dress

by Troy Hunt

Few events in a girl's life come anywhere close to being as significant as prom, but homecoming is certainly up there as a memorable dance. While the two occasions are similar in importance, the dress you choose for homecoming will be vastly different. Here are some major dos and don'ts to keep in mind when selecting the perfect homecoming dress.  


Because they take place in the springtime, proms are notorious for being the place to show off those bright and springy colors. But since homecoming events occur in the fall, you'll want to wear something in the autumn spectrum as far as colors and patterns go.

Do: Colors that are generally thought to go with the fall season are black, burgundy, maroon, mustard, olive, ivory, dark gray, navy blue, dusty rose, orange, and teal. Animal prints, metallic colors, and brocade are also fine.  

Don't: It's best to avoid anything that looks like it was purchased for a summer shindig. This includes dresses that are bright or pastel like hot pink, lemon yellow, light turquoise, sky blue, and anything tie-dyed or with a light floral pattern.


When it comes to style, feel free to get creative and choose something that will reflect your own sense of fashion. However, there are still a few rules to follow.

Do: Be sure to select something appropriate for your event. Choose a style that will match your school's homecoming themes, and always adhere to dress codes. However, if your school doesn't allow anyone to be sleeveless, you might get away with a sleeveless dress as long as you wear a shawl all evening. And remember, sheen and sparkle are popular choices for homecoming dresses.

Don't: Homecoming is typically considered a semi-formal event, so don't feel the need to get extravagant here. In other words, you don't want to be so formally dressed that you stick out among your classmates.


The length of your dress is just as important as the style.

Do: The acceptable length is typically just above the knee, but once again, be sure to factor in your school's overall dress code as well as your height. If most of your classmates will be dressed conservatively, you may consider a hemline that falls right at the knee. On the other hand, if you're short, this makes you look even shorter, so lift that hemline just a little to give your legs more length.

Don't: Do not show up for your homecoming dance in a full-length gown, as these are for formal occasions like weddings, proms, and other black-tie affairs. And a mini-skirt is better saved for those private parties with friends.


To wear hose or to not wear hose? That is the question. While this tends to be a personal preference, there seems to be some debate about whether or not pantyhose are in or out.

Do: Feel free to wear hose if your skin tone is uneven or you have bruises and cuts you'd like to hide. It's best to stick with something that is sheer or barely noticeable. This means choosing a shade that very closely matches your natural skin tone.

Don't: If your event is formal, don't wear hose or tights. Tights are too casual for a formal or semi-formal event, and pantyhose simply do not go with formal wear at all, period. Also, stay away from white hose, or any hose at all if you are wearing an open-toed shoe.


Accessories like shoes and jewelry should be chosen carefully for your homecoming dance.

Do: Heels are usually recommended for a semi-formal to formal event, but they aren't a hard-and-fast rule. If you can't stand in them for very long without hurting your feet, there are some non-heels you can get away with like Mary Janes or ballet flats, and they are perfectly acceptable whether you're wearing them to your prom or to homecoming.

As far as jewelry, keep in mind that how shimmery and shiny your dress is will dictate the type of earrings and necklaces you choose.

Don't: If your dress has a lot of sequins, you don't want over-the-top jewelry that will compete with that, so it's best to avoid the bling.

Instead, go with a simple gold or silver hoop along with a matching necklace or bracelet. Pearls are acceptable as well. If your dress is a simple solid shade with no sheen, brightly colored rhinestones will add lots of character and brilliance to your outfit. 

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