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Hello there. I’m Holly. Welcome to my website. I created this site to talk more about different counseling programs available to families. Counseling sessions for families helps everyone remain on the same page despite varying ages and lifestyles. The sessions give everyone even footing while discussing their concerns and revealing truths about their inner selves. Counselors can use proven techniques to assist families in accepting these truths and coping with their emotions. I will cover all of these techniques and discuss their benefits in great detail. Please visit my site regularly to learn more about this important subject. Thank you.


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Learning About Counseling Techniques For Families

Homeless With a Special Needs Child? Consider Foster Care Services

by Troy Hunt

If you are homeless for whatever reason and your child has special needs that you are unfortunately able to meet, consider getting your child into foster care services. Typically, children are only placed into foster care when children's protective services get involved when the child is abused and/or neglected. However, most states have laws concerning homeless and the inability to provide adequate shelter for children as being considered neglectful. 

Placing your child into foster care is an option for parents who are struggling to regain and maintain a healthy and happy home for their child. Here's what to do. 

Challenges of Being Homeless & Special Needs  

Many families that are homeless with children have several options to choose from, including staying with family or friends, finding a reduced-pay hotel to stay in, living in a vehicle, or living in a homeless shelter. As challenging as being homeless with children is, it's even more difficult when a homeless child has special needs.

Without a place to call home, a special needs child can struggle, which makes the situation even more challenging for the entire family. How does a parent go to work in order to find and pay for a home to live in when they have a child who has special needs? How does a family with a child on the autism spectrum or in a wheelchair have a quality of life without a home to live in?

Contact Foster Care Services

Since you likely may be leery about contacting the children and youth services office, contact a local foster care service instead. They can connect you with the appropriate people who can work on getting your child to safety and security in a foster care home that has had experience in taking care of children with special needs.

To do this, you will need to sign documents giving temporary guardianship to the foster care services so the foster care parents can legally take care of your child while you get yourself back on your feet. In the meantime, the foster care service will assist you as much as possible by connecting you to other services and agencies that can help you in any way that you need to be helped, such as with finding a job and getting into housing so that you'll later be able to provide your child with a home where they can be nurtured, safe, and secure. 

Reach out to a service like A Place to Call Home for further assistance.